What is grace like? More than I can describe quickly. But the Lord showed me a picture to capture  one aspect of grace.

graceoil2Grace is like a pure, glistening, golden oil fragranced beautifully. I go to the Lord with my muddy, scratched-up face. I turn my face toward my Father and He pours this oil on my forehead. It runs down, covering my eyes and nose. It cleanses my cheeks, heals my cracked lips and anoints my ears. In my hands I hold a cup, just under my chin. The oil of grace drips down into my cup. It is important I not let this precious oil just fall to the ground, I must capture every drop, it is precious. What should I do with this cup of overflowing oil?  Someone will be coming across my path soon. Their face might be dirty, their eyes down cast. But I rejoice, because I have saved my cup of oil for them! The person may expect anger or frustration. The person may expect rejection because of their actions. But I can choose instead to cup their chin in my hand, to lift their head and pour my oil. No, not my oil only, it was given to me. His oil! I can pour His oil of grace, which I received, onto another battered and muddied countenance.

Psalm 23:5b “You have anointed my head with oil; my cup overflows.”

Epilogue (can you have an epilogue to a paragraph? Ha!):

In clarification, when I bring my dirty face to the Father, He does not pretend that it is clean. He never says, “That’s O.K.” – that would be denying the truth, but He does say, “It is forgiven.” When we pour “our” grace, we must approach it in a similar way. It is untrue to say, “No problem”, if there is no problem, then there is no need for grace! But because we are recipients of grace it is Christ in us to say, “You’re forgiven.” This acknowledges that while a debt existed it has been paid for. Yes, the pouring of grace occurs at the cross and we must be willing to experience the pain and the joy of taking up the cross if we will be freed to pour out grace.

By: Darlene Melcher     www.crystalseabooks.com