By Darlene Melcher

Miss A was having an ugly-monkey attitude. Every time I left the room, she was irritating someone, yelling at someone, hands-on-hips-blaming hypocrisy. Timeout Take Two for the morning. (Side note: Timeouts are just as much for angry parents as they are for disobedient kids.)  Wisdom. That’s what I needed as I sat and waited. Then a spark of an idea came and I thought, What the hey, it’s worth a shot. The timeout timer beeped the release of its hostile prisoner.

“Come here Audrey,” I said. I’m sure she was ready for the routine trip down memory lane, so she could see where her actions and decisions had gone awry and landed her in the mush pit. But not this time.timeoutlove

“Come sit on my lap,” I said. I scooped up her legs (which are getting WAY too long) and held her kindly. I gently brushed the hair out of her face as I kissed her brow and her nose. I held her and waited. Honestly, this could have blown up in my face. This child hasn’t wanted to sit still in my lap since she learned how to walk seven years ago. She could have fidgeted and fought, but she didn’t. Slowly, she settled and a little smile curved her lips and I felt her angry little form relax. After a minute, I quietly reminded her that she needed to go apologize to her brother.

Love does that. Love smooths down our pokey quills and our furrowed brows. Love, especially when we are being a pill, is the miracle that rescues us from our own self-destructive actions. Love soothes and fills and reassures and sheds light on reality. Love allows a person to stop defending herself, because now she feels safe enough to evaluate and correct. God is Love.

Not, He has love, or He gives love or He sends His love. He is LOVE. Wow.

He is that beautiful comfort that wraps around your body and soul and makes you feel treasured. He is that energy that races to your brain faster than fear and makes you brave and able. He is that force that tosses all your selfish thoughts behind and motivates you to give BIG just to see the smile on someone’s face. Jesus is the image of the invisible God[1], the God who is Love. That Big beautiful, sacrificial, joy-focused, affectionate, truth-telling, overcoming warrior Lover!

So next time you are searching for wisdom, get crazy and try love!

“Not only can you have all the love you want, but also real joy poured out of great heaping buckets on top of unending peace. Just give up yourself, and you can have it all.” ~ The Prodigal’s Advocate

[1] Colossians 1:15