By Darlene Melcher (reposted)

It is strange to be almost about to move. It isn’t some far off plan anymore, but it isn’t imminent either.  Brown boxes are stacked up in our closet and on top of our dresser. I have begun to remove pictures from the walls (and patch all those pesky holes!). But I don’t want to pack everything yet; we still need to live and function for the next two months. While resting between projects and trying to decide when to do what, it occurred to me that this is how Christians are supposed to live. No, not messy and chaotic, but as if we know we aren’t staying here. This earth is not our final home, we will be moving on, but that is so easy to forget.

We can say all sorts of nice sounding things, but the true test of what is in our heart is revealed by our actions. What do we spend most of our time, money, energy and passion on? Things that will transfer into eternity or things that will fade away? This isn’t meant to be a guilt trip, but a kind reminder because we don’t want to waste our lives on things that don’t really matter in the end. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 packing

As Christians, we aren’t called to pack up our lives and just sit by the side of the road while we wait for Christ. And neither are we to grasp very tightly to the things and activities of this world. We are half-packed, almost ready to move on to our eternal home at any time but still living here with the time which God allows.

“Never my friend, time mocked me, deriding me as a wastrel who had finally squandered all hope, and gladly delivering me to my unavoidable destination. But what would that destination be?”

~ The Prodigal’s Advocate