By Darlene Melcher

When I sit back and think of the world with all its teeming humanity bustling around, I wonder if there’s a universal goal seen through our priorities and actions. From the sinner on the street to the noisy child in the grocery store, our desires are basic. We want to matter. We want to know that someone out there cares that we exist. We want to feel something, to know we are alive. We want to be loved. Whether we push people away or stand on our heads trying to please them, we crave love.

I woke up on a certain day in February and found an envelope and a heart-shaped box on the table. The envelope had a gold foil sticker holding it closed, and inside was a red velvet card. Frugal gal that I am, I checked the back. Whoa. My husband bought me a $5 card! You should understand that we do NOT spend good money on things like cards. We’ve been known to go to the store, walk down the card aisle, hand each other a card, and then place it back on the shelves after we have read them. The words inside the velvet card were beautiful. The chocolates were assorted, my favorite. My husband had gone against all his beliefs about Valentine’s Day being a marketing scheme and loved me anyway. Feeling loved energized my entire day. Obstacles mattered little, and joy was all around. Love changes your perspective on life and gives you strength for the journey. I re-learned something that day: Love is like fuel and I need to keep my tank full.lovecross

Love is the destination we seek and the power to get there…

“God is Love” (1 John 4:16).

I sit back and smile as I look at those three simply profound words. God. Is. Love. In all our searching with our nearly empty love-cups outstretched, we finally find the way to love.

Alan D. Wright says in his book Lover of My Soul, “God’s love is not a concept to be intellectualized by the mind. It is a reality to be embraced by the heart. To long for the touch of His affection is not a sign of flimsy faith. It’s an authentic hunger for what our soul needs most.”

It is such good news!!! In all our disappointing searching, our souls begin to think that we just need to set our standards lower, expect less, and settle for mediocre. Yet, God calls us higher and whispers in our ear, “Keep seeking the things above, where Christ is. Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard…all that I have prepared for those who love Me” (Colossians 3:1, 1 Corinthians 2:9; my paraphrase)….

Jesus is The WAY to Love.

Excerpt from Doors of Destiny Traveler’s Companion.